Library Board

The Library Board can consist of up to 10 volunteers who are appointed by the Okotoks Town Council. The Library Board is responsible for governance functions - including the setting of goals, establishment of a budget, and advocating for the library.

At present the Board consists of Lorena Engen (Chair), Lori Neufeld (Treasurer),  Ron Chase, Carrie Fischer, Lisa Hari, David Higginbottom, Laurie Hodson, Tanelle Nash, Barbara Schuler, and Marian Walsh.

The Board meets every second Thursday of the month except for July and August.

To view our Plan of Service 2017 - 2019 click here.

To view our Plan of Service 2012 - 2016 click here.

To view our 2014 Financial Review click here

To view our 2015 Report to the Community click here

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