Okotoks Public Library Poetry Contest – April 2016

Thank you to all for the entries received for our Poetry Contest. 
Congratulations to this years’ winner Danielle L. 
Danielle did a wonderful job on her poem (reprinted with permission) below.

Some dogs are big, some dogs are small
Some dogs like twigs, some dogs like balls
My dog chases mice, she likes to play
She’s energetic, but she sleeps all day
I have some mutts, I have two dogs
They are both girls, and sleep like logs
Lilly a poodle, Willow a mutt
Lilly from Mexico, and Willow from a rut
They can’t be separated, each other they need
In case of an accident, tripping on weeds
We love them dearly, they love us too
They get excited, when we put on our shoes
We grab their leashes, for a walk we go
We go many places, to and fro
We take them home, ready for naps
They snuggle right up, and lay on our laps.