Online Technology Tutorials

We know that you can't always make it to the library for programs... To help everyone, we would like to share the following links to outside sources of FREE technology tutorials. Learn at home at your own pace when it's convenient for YOU.

Computer Basics
Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the Cloud, Windows, Blackberry, Lion, etc.? Perhaps you would just like to know more about how computers work? When it comes to learning today's technology, Computer Basics has all the basic concepts covered.

Internet Basics

Become Internet savvy with tutorials on how to browse smartly, maintain your safety, and network socially while online.

Email Basics
Are you interested in communicating online with friends, family and colleagues? The topics in Email Basics will teach you the essentials of email, in addition to other popular ways to communicate online in today's world.

Microsoft Office
The Microsoft Office suite is an essential collection of desktop applications that includes Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, Access for databases and much more. Choose your version of Microsoft Office to begin learning.

Microsoft Excel

Understanding how to create spreadsheets and workbooks in Microsoft Excel is an important skill to acquire.

Mac OS
These courses will guide you through the features of macOS, including multi-touch gestures, Launchpad, Mission Control, Finder, and more.

Facebook 101
This tutorial was created to get you up to speed on how to create, use, and maintain a Facebook page of your own, including understanding the complex Facebook privacy policies and settings.

Twitter 101
Still don't get Twitter? More and more this micro-blogging network is becoming a very useful tool for finding out what's going on with the people and things that matter to you the most. With our simple and engaging tutorial, you can learn all the various ways you can use Twitter to enhance your own life.

Skype is a software that allows you to instant message and make voice and video calls to fellow Skype users on the internet for free. You can even get a phone number and make calls to phones around the world for a fairly affordable rate. Learn all the ways you can share with those who matter to you using Skype.

Internet Safety for Kids
Practicing safety is a must with anyone who goes online, but with kids it is especially important. This tutorial will discuss the threats your kids may encounter while online and show you how protect them and talk to them about being safe and responsible.

Blog Basics
Blogs have become a popular way for everyday people to share their opinions, experiences, passions and more with the world. Are you interested in blogging? Learn all about blogs and how to start one of your own with this tutorial.

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