Volunteer @ the Library

Friends of the Library

The "Friends of the Okotoks Public Library" is a growing group of dedicated volunteers. Sharon Hudspeth is the president of this group, and is the main contact person for the Friends.

The inspiration behind this group is to raise extra funding for projects in the Library, and to provide the Library with a willing band of folk to call upon when need be to help at events or programs.

If you are interested in joining the Friends, kindly contact Library Director, Sarah Gillie at 403-938-2220 ext. 4, and she will pass on your information to Sharon.

Casino Fundraiser

The Friends of the Okotoks Public Library have been selected for their first ever casino event in September at the Ace Casino Blackfoot in Calgary! We are looking for volunteers to work various shifts during these two days. Proceeds from this casino event will support programming, program equipment and promotional activities that support the mandate and vision of the Okotoks Public Library.

Event Timing: September 15 & 16, 2024
Event Address: Ace Casino Blackfoot,  4040 Blackfoot Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4E6

Please click here to complete our casino volunteer form.

General Requirements for Volunteers:

  • Able to pass a security clearance check
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Possess picture identification at all times during the casino event
  • Competent in handling money
  • Able to hear, see, speak, or have an attendant with these capabilities
  • Alert and observant
  • Able to maneuver in the casino facility for the duration of the shift
  • Able to function in a noisy environment
  • Able to use CasinoTrack system for certain positions
Volunteer Positions

General Manager (Comfortable with supervising): The Role of the general manager is to supervise all aspects of the casino, ensuring the casino is conducted according to CTCOG.  The general manager works closely with the casino facility games manager, and alternate general manager who assumes duties in the absence of the general manager.

Banker (Comfortable with computers & inventory management): The role of the banker is to supervise the cash cage. This includes documenting all cash cage transactions, ensuring the security of the chips and cash in the cash cage, and holding the cashiers accountable for the chips and cash and cash they manage while on duty. The banker reports to the general manager and is responsible for cashiers and chip runners.

Cashier (Comfortable with handling/paying out cash to players): The cashier's role is similar to a bank teller's. The cashier interacts directly with casino players. Any transactions over $200 must be witnessed by the general manager, banker or cash cage advisor. The cashier reports to the baker and works with the general manager, banker, financial control supervisor, advisor, and casino players.

Chip Runner (Comfortable with a slow shift/escorting casino chips to gaming tables): The chip runner opens, distributes, maintains, and closes an inventory of chips and credits. The chip runner reports to the banker and works with the general manager, banker, and gaming table personnel.

Count Room Supervisor (Comfortable with computers & supervising): The count room supervisor is responsible for all count room staff and procedures. The count room supervisor reports to the general manager, and works with the general manager and banker. This position is responsible for the sorter, counters, and amalgamator.

Count Room Staff (Duties assigned the night of, based on strengths/preferences): Count room staff take on one of four possible jobs:

  • Sorter (sorts all cash/chips by denomination)
  • Counter (counts the sorted cash/chips by denomination)
  • Recorder (records the number of bills, coins, and chips counted)
  • Amalgamator (verifies the cash/chips counted and groups them into bundles and summarizes the cash and chips with the count room supervisor)

*Minors are not permitted within a casino, or other premises where a casino has been authorized, and is being conducted.

**Cellphones are permitted but no photos or videos are allowed. No laptops are permitted.

***Volunteers are not permitted to gamble or drink during the event.

 Please click here to complete our casino volunteer form.


We accept volunteers aged 14+. 

Our volunteers are extremely important to the library, and play a crucial role in aiding the staff to fulfill our service commitment to the community. Some of the tasks that the volunteers undertake are: shelving returned items and assisting in the preparation of programs. As with most volunteer positions, applicants would need to have a recent Police Check.

If you have spare time, and would like to become a library volunteer, please submit fill out the volunteer form, below, or email us at volunteer@okotokslibrary.ca


Dog Volunteers

Is your dog totally paw-some with kids? We are in need of volunteers and their dogs to help us launch a special literacy program for kids in the new year. Volunteer opportunities will be on Tuesday evenings starting January 2024.  If interested please contact program facilitator Bonnie Chant Kinsman at 403-617-8811 or b.chantkinsman@gmail.com