Community Fundraisers for the Library

Okotoks Bottle Depot Fundraiser

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Okotoks Bottle Depot who have set up an account for us, you can now donate your Refunds from Recyclables to the Okotoks Public Library Expansion Fund.

Please Consider Donating Your Proceeds from Refundables to support your library!

COBS Dough-Nation Program

When you make a purchase at COBS Bread Okotoks and quote our assigned Dough Raiser #10546 COBS Bread will donate 10% of the purchase value to the Okotoks Library Expansion Fund! All donations will be collected and paid to the Okotoks Library once a year.

COBS Bread Centennial Village

Unit 185, 31 Southridge Dr,
Okotoks, AB