Policies and Bylaws


You may visit your account anytime online at www.tracpac.ca.

FOIP Collection Notice
Any personal information collected by the Okotoks Public Library is done so under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 33(c). The information provided will be used to issue a library card, contact you about requested or borrowed library resources, collect fees owing, calculate administrative statistics and provide information on library programs. If you have any questions about the collection and use of the information, please contact Library FOIP Coordinator Sarah Gillie at 403-938-2220 or sgillie@okotokslibrary.ca

Library Card
All patrons are required to present their library card in order for access to be made to a library account. If you cannot produce your card, you will not be permitted to check-out, renew, place holds, etc. If you require a replacement  library card, please be prepared to show a piece of ID. Replacement library cards cost $1.00,

For your convenience, the book drop is open 24/7.

Overdue Materials
We encourage you to return your library materials on time so that they are available for others to borrow. Fines of 10¢ per day are charged for each item returned past its due date. You will be given your material due date(s) when checking out items, either verbally or with a due date slip. You are welcome to call to check when your materials are due, or log on to the online catalog.

You may renew your library materials (in person, by phone, or online) if the items are not on hold for someone else. Patrons may renew items a maximum of 2 times. In special circumstances an extended loan period may be requested at the time materials are borrowed.

Holds can be placed on library materials that are not available when you visit, or that belong to other libraries. You may choose to be notified by phone (automated message), e-mail or text message. You may also check online when the items arrive, item status will show as HELD. Holds ready for pick up are automatically cancelled after 10 days so please pick up items promptly. You are required to present your library card when checking out a hold.

Lost/Damaged Library Materials
Patrons are responsible for paying the replacement cost for any materials that are lost or damaged while checked out to them.

Unattended Children
The Library in no way assumes responsibility for any child of whatever age left unattended in the library. Parents or guardians of children attending preschool library programs must remain in the library. Children under the age of eight may not be left unattended in the library at any time.  A child is unattended if he/she is in the library without a parent or responsible caregiver, in which case the police may be called. If children 14 years, and under, are left at the library at closing time, the staff member in charge will call the Police.


Bylaw 13 - Public Admittance to and Public Conduct in the Okotoks Public Library

WHEREAS under the provisions of Section 36(1) of the Alberta Libraries Act, a library board may pass bylaws for the safety and use of the library,
NOW THEREFORE, the Town of Okotoks Library Board enacts the following Bylaw:

1.0 Public Admittance to the Okotoks Public Library
1.1 A person entering and using the Library must comply with any measures put in place to protect the health and safety of Library users and staff.
1.2 A person must wear a face mask to enter and use the Library whenever provincial public health authorities recommend or order the use of face masks.
1.3 The mask must fit securely against the face, cover the mouth, nose and chin, and create a barrier to filter respiratory droplets.
1.4 Children under the age of two are exempt from the mask requirement.
1.5 There are to be alternative services, such as curbside pickup, available for any person who cannot satisfy the mask requirement.

2.0 Public Conduct in the Okotoks Public Library
2.1 While in the Library, a person must abide by all relevant Library policies, guidelines and procedures.
2.2 Aggressive behavior toward staff or other Library users is prohibited.
2.3 Threatening, profane or abusive language is prohibited.
2.4 A Library user must not:
(a) Interfere with the performance of duties by Library staff
(b) Disrupt the enjoyment of the Library by others
(c) Act in any manner that impairs the safe and efficient operation of the Library.

Read a first time: 31 March 2021
Read a second time: 31 March 2021
Read a third time and approved by the Board on: 31 March 2021

Approved by Okotoks Town Council on: 12 April 2021

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